We are asked a myriad of questions on a daily basis. So here are the top eight.

1.  Who owns the photos after Payment is made? 

As per the License agreement in the terms and conditions in the submission form K&P Media Inc. retains ownership of all images captured by K&P Media Staff. The license agreement is for a limited use of the images for the sale and marketing of the property. More.....  

2.  What is the difference in the Packages you offer?

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3. How do I get my photos?

When you book your shoot it will be delivered and payment made through the same system.

4. What type of lead time do we need for a shoot?

That depends on the season. As you know there are slow periods and busy periods. The only way to know it to send in a request and we will let you know when we can get it done.

5. How long will it take to get my photos?

Quick shoot by 10pm

Standard Packages are delivered usually within 24 hours of the end of business day of the shoot. 

Premiere Package can take anywhere from 48-72 hours depending son the number of images ordered.

6. How much do you charge? 

Every home varies but our base prices can be found here: PRICING

7. Do you work weekends?

Weekends are reserved strictly for family. We devote our week days to the business and the weekends to Kids. Shoots we do on Fridays are delivered the following Monday. 

8. How much work i.e. Staging will you do?

We do not Stage homes. We are hired to make photographs. We expect all staging and cleaning to be done prior to our arrival. We base our shoot times on the square footage of the home and since we are usually running a tight schedule we don't have time to wait for the home to be readied.